Hill Consultants

About Us

Hill Consultants has established a strong international reputation for Safety, Engineering, Risk and Project Management consultant services

Hill Consultants Ltd was established in 1996 to provide specialist services around the world. Hill Consultants has been involved with small, medium and large organisations.

We provide a combination of sound process engineering and operational expertise, intermixed with safety and environmental engineering. This includes project management services, providing the necessary skill bases required in todays process design and production environments. We are experienced in offshore and onshore engineering and other sectors, such as petrochemical, infrastructure and pharmaceutical. We use various approaches that have been implemented and commissioned for many projects.

Projects have been developed requiring different levels of engineering: From appraisal, conceptual, frontend engineering through to detailed design, construction, commissioning, operation and decommissioning. All these are within Hill Consultants capabilities and experts can be provided to assist on your projects.

Paul Hill has been actively involved in the BP Valhall Redevelopment Project for the Norwegian North Sea sector. Paul has provided his services as an Independent Process Engineer for various HAZUP and Design Reviews. His role included bringing an independent process mentality to the design as well as keeping the team on track to achieve the study objectives while assisting the Chairman to complete the study reports. I found Paul to be an exceptionally thoughful, thorough engineer and would not hesitate in requesting his services again for future studies and projects.
Michael Banner, Discipline Lead Technical Safety Engineer

Comprehensive Knowledge of UK and International Industries

Examples of Operational Experience

  • Onshore Operations Process Engineer at a number of sites including: Mobil Oil Refining Co. South Africa, Shell Stanlow Oil Refinery, Shell Bacton Gas Terminal, Centrica Storage, Easington, (TA – HSE), BP Dimlington Gas Terminal (SIL / Alarm Management).
  • Middle East Refinery (PHA Manager multiple projects).
  • SABIC Gas Al-Jubail (Investigation – including HAZOP) Saudi Arabia.
  • EnQuest HAZOP of HP Gas Compressor Seal Pot risks following operational analysis.
  • Refinery firefighting (Mobil Oil) and Offshore Petroleum Industry Training (OPITO) UK.


  • HAZID, PHA, ENVID, HAZOP, LOPA, SIL Chairman, Trainer and Independent Process Engineer.
  • Experienced Process Engineer (onshore / offshore/ refineries/ petrochemicals / LNG / design including operations support).
  • Experienced in Safety Management Systems and Process Hazard Analysis.
  • Technical and non-technical application of process, safety, and environmental knowledge on numerous large, medium and small-scale international and local projects including offshore, onshore, subsea, pipelines, refineries, petrochemicals, LNG, air separation units, fertilizers, etc.