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Environmental Engineering

From environmental assessment and economics, to conceptual and detailed environmental engineering

This branch of engineering covers the environmental aspects that can be affected by a project development. Initial studies and investigations establish the base line references to determine the environmental benefit or potential harm imposed on the local, regional, national and international arena.

Hill Consultants’ involvement in the early days enables large multinationals to determine their environmental impact, their carbon footprint and to consider the implementation of “green” strategies to improve environmental performance.

Helping to ensure environmental compliance

From environmental assessment and economics, to conceptual and detailed environmental engineering, Hill Consultants provide a range of capabilities to ensure corporate and regulatory compliance.

As a solution provider we give organisations the options needed to meet their corporate requirements and select those that fit best with their corporate identity and development.

We have vast experience in the field of environmental engineering

  • Technical environmental engineer with significant experience in environmental control.
  • Experienced ENVironmental IDentification (HAZID) assessor and facilitator.
  • Performed and assessed BAT and BATNEEC technology documents for a number of sectors including waste processing.
  • Emissions and environmental hazards from a process are evaluated in all HAZOPs performed.
  • Experienced in environmental regulatory compliance for projects and closing identified gaps.
  • Experienced in developing EIA / ESIA and associated environmental permitting for projects.
  • Undertaken emissions monitoring, sampling and fugitive emissions assessments from equipment and piping items on projects, BP Dimlington Gas Terminal, Shell Bacton Terminal, Philips Petroleum Seal Sands.

Responsible for Zero Damage for the onshore/offshore Shah Deniz project including waste management, waste handling and community noise, ESIA (Environmental and Social Impact Assessment) for the full field development.

  • Expert in developing vent, flare and emission models for inland, terrain, road, coastal and sea projects using ISCST, AERMOD, CFD
  • Experienced in atmospheric meteorology and work with the Meteorological Office.
  • Expert in industrial waste water management, minimisation, recovery and disposal both on land and in rivers and open waters.
  • Significant experience in solid waste handling and disposal on land and in offshore waters.
  • Thermal destruction of municipal and biological waste engineering.
  • Experienced in acoustic engineering and community noise modelling.

Reviewed and updated Final (Environmental) Governing Standards (FGS) for all aspects of US Navy Atlantic Division (Naval Facilities Engineering Command) (LANTDIV) presence in Europe and the Mediterranean.

Experienced in UK and International Projects with significant understanding of the diversity & variety of countries regulations, standards and methodologies

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