Hill Consultants

Safety Engineering

Hill Consultants provides a comprehensive HAZID, HAZOP, SIL and Bowtie service and supplies Chairmen, along with a number of specialist scribes to support projects of any size and in any country

  • Hazard Identification Assessments (HAZID) during early project phases
  • Full HAZOP support during all new project phases and existing installations
  • HAZOPs for energy, petrochemical, fertiliser & electronics
  • Risk Assessments
  • Risk Minimisation
Safety management services for Oil and Gas Refineries

Hill Consultants provides HSSE specialists and professionals for your project task forces. We work within your teams or alternatively the work can be performed by our professionals, providing a wealth of industry knowledge to complete your projects without the associated long term overhead constraints.

We are experienced in process safety, environmental engineering, project management and other assessments. This includes CFD modelling, air dispersion modelling, explosion, toxic gas assessment, fire risk assessment, ALARP, safety management system development, operator training, technical auditing etc.

Hill Consultants also provides expertise in consequence analysis, risk assessment, and other technical HSSE issues. In addition, we assist in alarm management rationalisation, instrumentation and electrical support, including IEC 61508, IEC 61511 work (SIL activities).

Bowtie risk visualisation techniques are now being applied widely in many industries. The methodology allows complex risk modelling to be easily understood. This coupled with the LOPA, audit and other add-ons, allows many individuals including designers, operation groups, maintenance, project depts. to understand the potential barriers that might be removed or inhibited by the loss of a single or multiple safeguards protecting the system.

I am responsible for executing HAZOP studies and SIL reviews across all of Foster Wheeler projects. We have been using Paul Hill in these roles for the last 2 years on a number of high profile projects. Paul has acted professionally and to the satisfaction of the client in all aspects of the role. Paul is also on my register of approved HAZOP/SIL chairmen.
Adrian Bunn, Manager of Technical HSE