Hill Consultants

Process Engineering

Hill Consultants is experienced in providing the many aspects of the design process, from conceptual design and estimating, to detailed design, operations and commissioning support.

  • Offshore platform design
  • Subsea developments
  • Gas terminals
  • Oil refineries
  • LNG loading/unloading terminals
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Utilities
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Process estimates/economics
Process Engineering

Project Phases

Conceptual, appraisal, front end engineering and design, detailed engineering, pre-commissioning and commissioning, operations phase including start-up and shutdowns, management of change, decommissioning.

Offshore/onshore upstream processes

Offshore processes including subsurface and topside well design, slug catchers, phase separation processes, HP pumping, HP/LP compression and reinjection, dehydration systems and glycol recovery, water separation, filtration and water reinjection, gas and dual fuel turbine power supply, AFFF and fire water systems, utilities, flare systems umbilical’s, etc.

Refinery Systems

  • ORLEN Lithuania – Vacuum Gas Oil (VGO), Mono-ethylene-amine (MEA)
  • TNK-BP: multiple locations including (Saratov, Ryazan, Tyumen, Buzuluk, Russia and Lisichansk, Ukraine) Hydrotreating, Reforming, Isomerisation, Cold Isomerisation, FCCU, AVT4, Gas fractionation, Hydrotreating L24, sulphur treatment, L35 and visbreaker, rail tanker loading
  • Reliance Jamnager Export Refinery Project including CFP Compressors, DTA Modifications, LPG, C3/C4 Splitter, Stabilizer, Stripper, Sour Gas, KHT, LNUU, Diolefin, and multiple utility systems
  • Stanlow Oil Refinery – Gas tails, HF alkylation, flare system
  • Bonny Island, Nigeria Terminal and pipeline

Refinery Revamps

  • Geelong Refinery – Australia
  • Philips Petroleum – Sealsands, Teesside

Cryogenic Processes – LNG

  • SABIC Gas Phase 2 (cold box investigation)
  • Sabic Gas Phase 9 air Separation Unit
  • Saudi Aramco Jazan IGCC Complex / Five Air Separation Units
  • LIWA Polypropylene Steam Cracker – “Cold Section”
  • Isle of Grain LNG Phase 2, UK
  • PLUTO LNG Project, Australia
  • South Hook LNG Milford Haven, UK
  • Shell Nigeria SevenPlus Project – Bonny Island, Nigeria LNG
  • MW Kellogg/Snamprogetti – Bonny Island, Nigeria LNG


  • MTBE
  • Methanol
  • Ethylene Vaporisation
  • Ethylbenzene / Styrene benzene monomer
  • Polystyrene
  • Shell middle distillates synthesis (SMDS)


Multiple subsea pipelines, refinery pipelines, inter-refinery pipelines, multiple export pipelines including Corrib landfall, Jamnagar inter refinery pipelines, Caspian Pipeline Consortium including multiple pump stations along entire system from Tengiz to Novorossiysk, numerous offshore pipelines including a pipeline with subsea HIPPS.