Hill Consultants

Services Overview

Hill Consultants provides a comprehensive range of services, with a combination of sound process engineering and operational expertise, intermixed with safety and environmental engineering.

Safety Management

We provide advice that helps clients ensure major accidents do not occur. We can co-ordinate Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) activities on behalf of our clients.

Technical Safety Engineering

A wide range of experience including both new-build and modification of designs and projects. In addition, we have specialists within specific technical disciplines.

Safety management services for Oil and Gas Refineries

HAZID, HAZOP, LOPA & SIL facilitators with co-ordination support

HAZID, HAZOP, LOPA and SIL are effective methods for assessing technical process designs, operations, management of change, associated systems, as well as for documented procedures. We can offer a number of experienced HAZOP, LOPA and SIL facilitators and secretaries, with full coordination and project management to support your projects.

Within Hill Consultants the facilitator services have been audited and approved by Shell, BP, Chevron, KBR, WoodGroup (including Amec, FosterWheeler, PSN) and many others.

Risk Analysis including FMEA, QRA, including complex risk assessments

Risk analysis is used to assess the possibilities for accidents and other undesired events to occur. A good analysis will also identify causes and consequences and mitigating actions required to achieve project, company and regulatory requirements. A range of tools are available within Hill Consultants to identify risks.

Emergency Preparedness and Planning

Emergency preparedness analysis is used to systematically identify which measures should be provided in readiness for accident and/or undesired events. We can provide services to cover relevant design documents and associated discussions with regulators. We supply the operational perspective, training and potential improvements to existing plans.

Asset and Integrity Management

Productivity and profit are dependent upon having highly reliable systems, that demonstrate high availability and robustness. Asset and integrity management support can be provided for your team to improve your current and future investment programs and opportunity management.

Hill Consultants Ltd has provided us with the services of Paul Hill as a Chairman for a number of HAZOPs within our organisation and has provided his expertise to advise and identify risk within the designs offered by the Design Institutes to TNK-BP. He acted as very experienced Chairmen on our refineries and surface facilities. Also he carried out HAZOP trainings in Moscow for our engineers and managers. As a process engineer with considerable oil and gas experience, Mr Hill is open to new ways of resolving design issues based on the wide ranging conditions in Russia and Ukraine where we have our operations.
Andrey Medvedev, Director of Facilities Engineering Department